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In case you didn't hear --- it's an election year! Are you (or your kids or friends) registered to vote?
With art by Dane Tilgham, music by Philly Jazz Trio and a great talk on Juneteenth. Come celebrate.

Dr. Ari Greis Looks Nice!

Posted February 15th
O.G. 30amp Board Member Dr. Ari Greis arrives in Arizona with the Philadelphia Eagles entourage rocking [1] an O.G. Philadelphia Dreamer Tee + [2] An original Scriven bag from the Bag of Dreams collection:

Meet Executive Director Keith Scriven

Posted February 15th
Keith is an artist, designer, jeweler, leathersmith and the Excecutive Director of 30amp. Come by his studio to visit or just send him an email
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30 Amp Circuit is a Philadelphia-based non-profit founded by us who've seen the industry and its needs from the inside, bringing musicians the healthcare and attention they've sorely needed. But that's not all.

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